You’re different than you used to be…. Who are you?

454646565656You’re different than you used to be… There is something about you that I can’t put my finger on…. I’m confused …. just who are you?… Time and life’s journey change everyone. No one remains the same.  Believe it or not, we are not genetically designed for it either. Every few years the human body creates a new you. This new you is a  total replacement of the cells in your body. You feel different because you are different. This new you is like a rebirth for your entire being. What does that mean for the mental and spiritual you?12454545454545454545454

In life everyone is meant to change to evolve. How you choose to focus that change is up to you.  Mentally you are not supposed to have the same mindset as the younger you. As you get older and mature the things that you found funny will seem silly, the things that used to aggravate you won’t matter and the people in your  life will be different as well.  The naivete of youth should make way for the wisdom of age. Sometimes that wisdom has come at a price. When someone makes the statement “You’ve changed.” to a lot of us it comes as no surprise. What does shock us is the fact that it took others so long to notice the change in us. For the rest of us the changes in ourselves will be like a splash of cold water in the face of society.  I am preferable to the bucket of water to the face.  Especially for those of us that have been suppressed. Sometimes bursting out of your prison cell is just what you need to shine. For years you were a lump of coal in the earth and now you are a diamond. Changing yourself polishes that diamond and makes it more priceless than it already was.

11-27-2013Discovering who you really are and accepting you, may open a few mental cans that previously were hidden and closed. Don’t be afraid to leave them open. Sure they may not win you any congeniality awards  but if you notice that you have no tolerance for the BS of your past life and past friends then it may not necessarily be a bad thing. When the changes are good, to hear “you’ve changed ” should be confirmation of the hard work that you are putting in. Change is not just mental it is spiritual. Just as your body and mind changes so did your heart. All of the mental changes you are undergoing are making you stronger. You are beginning to trust the person in the mirror more and more. You start noticing that you really are in control. Your mind and  heart is finally working together and leading you down better decision paths. Mentally you are maturing.

Spiritually cleansing yourself of all of the negativity that you were  once surrounded with is a part of your becoming. After you have become mentally and emotionally stronger all of that bad energy and negative vibes that you had before must go. You can’t hold onto the same spirit as the old you.12454454545454 You’ve now become a beautiful butterfly and its time to spread your wings. Free yourself of anything not worthy of you.  Don’t just think positive be positive. 

12454Be worthy of the new you. Give yourself a chance to grow and develop by being truly open. Positive behavior and actions should become second nature. Positive thoughts should be your mantra. You are as amazing as you think and more than that to be honest. The new you is a total package. Accept it as a whole. People around you will see the changes. They will notice that you have indeed become new. They may not choose to accept you but that is their choice and no reflection on you. They don’t have to like the fabulous new you. They may not understand the evolution of you. They may not care. All of that is not a concern. The only person that matters… the one that has to love and accept the current person you are is YOU.  Everyone else is secondary.