WHY Do You Exist?

valueWhy are you here? WHY do you exist? What is your purpose? A lot of us may assume that we are unimportant or that we have no real carbon footprint on this earth. That is further from the truth than you can imagine. Everyone has a purpose or calling even if it is nothing more than being a shoulder for a friend in need. Your purpose in life does not end because you get old or fall down a time or two. It doesn’t mean you are destined to be great in the eyes of many. Your purpose big or small is your stamp in this journey called life. In order to know your purpose you have to know who you really are. Who are you? I tried defining myself again and once more I came up with the same conclusion. I define me by how I chose to view myself and love the person in the mirror. I am pretty darn fabulous in my own world. My story is just my story and not who I am. I talk a lot about getting in tune with the one person you can never escape. Yourself. You will always be you so why hide it?10437341_731434760241925_4556753154669449255_n

black-girl-looking-in-the-mirrorIn class the other day the subject of self came up and how we define the person in our mirrors. A lot of individuals have grown to the point where their identity is apparent however there are still some that do not know who they are. I was one of those individuals for years as I have talked about so much over the past few months. I had no clue about my purpose. I did not recognize the value of me being alive. After discussing self, the conversation shifted to elders and aging. This made me think again about how you view you. We are a reflection of our parents and because of that our self is a reflection of their selves. So if our parents are so important it only safe to assume that our path, our identity can be influenced by them as well. You are your father’s daughter. You are your mother’s son. You are not simply a nobody.en

DAUGHTERYou exist to be you completely. You exist because you are meant to be just as you are only better. Stop looking to others to define you and start seeing that you may not be important to them but you are priceless to yourself. When you think about getting older, how do you see your future? Do you see yourself surrounded by kids and grandkids? Do you see yourself successful in a business or venture? Do you see yourself in a rut or stuck? Think about our parents and grandparents. They grew up with a third of what we did and yet they survived and continued on. They paved the way for you to get where you are. Mom and dad are our mentors and first teachers, just as you are to your kids. You show them how to be the amazing ones they are. You teach them to be perfectly imperfect. That is your footprint. That is your legacy. Not just a big bank account or plot of land. Your legacy lies within your ability to touch the heart and mind of another long after you are gone.

adorableThink about your carbon footprint. What about you will stay in the hearts and minds of those you interact with? When you leave home or work is there an absence that is felt? A lot of us may not think so but in truth we are more noticed than we can ever imagine. We are not simply nobodies. We are amazing beings, full of excitement and love.How do I know? Well that is simple…. Have you ever looked at a flower or one of God’s creations and seen it sighing and considering itself worthless? Even a weed has value to the weed. You have value as long as you see it within yourself. You exist because you are meant to. Just as I am. good enough


2 thoughts on “WHY Do You Exist?

  1. Thanking for sharing this with others! It’s so sad to see so many people looking for validation from others. Instead if they “shouted from the rooftops” how awesome they are many people would be able to shout that right back! You might enjoy our blog at liveclarelesleyblog.com


  2. Recently, I had a conversation with the 16 year old daughter of a friend. In the conversation I told her how anyone who doesn’t love themselves can’t love anyone else. She disagreed with me and I could understand why. She’s one of those fragile people who express their emotions with cutting and other suicidal acts. I expect that she loves others, her family and friends although she doesn’t love herself enough to not self-harm. I feel so sorry for this kid as the road to this lesson is already a difficult one for her. Her problems stem from feeling that she wasn’t enough for her father to fight for during her parents’ divorce. She started self harming because it’s what her friends do.

    We all have to learn that we are “enough”. Unfortunately, not everyone is taught this lesson; which I suspect is the greatest lesson of all.


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