Beauty…That is You!

Beautyimages (55)

Why do you refuse to see…. the beauty that is you?

Look in the mirror,

Do you see that smile,

that grin, those eyes and hair?

That is you!

That is beauty!

Do you see a heart full of love and understanding?

Do you see a mind so full of wonder and imagining?

That is you!

That is beauty!

If you can’t see beauty, come here sister, let me show you how….

Stand before your mirror, take off your weave, take off your earrings, lashes, and makeup…

Remove your fashionable clothes and stand proudly, naked as the day you were born…

Run your fingers through the crown that you have always adorned

Stare long and hard at the person there before you. Who is she?

She is you.

She is me.

She is we…

And we are beauty!


Stand there a few moments longer until it starts to feel funny.

Tell yourself all the things that you don’t like and want to change. Be honest honey.

This is not to tear you down,

So turn off that frown.

Look long at hard, who is she?

 She is you.

She is me.

She is we.

And we are beauty!hatuoltramiss

So you have a little more cushion here or there? No matter.

Bodies can change, weight can be lost, but will that make you better?

No? Why not? People say all the time how happy they are being thin or thick.

They talk about the physical as if it isn’t fleeting,

Forgetting all the while that even the heart stops beating.

Your body means nothing, not your booty or boobs

Even the best plastic surgeon can’t keep up a ruse

Look back at that person in YOUR mirror. Now close your eyes and wish to change.

Wish to change your hair, your eyes, your body and image….Wish for money and fame, diamonds and cars

Wish with all your might to be living large.

Open your eyes and what do you see

Nothing has changed you are still you. I am still me.

Is it a bad thing? No it is fine…

We are both still descended from an amazing line…

We are beauty!pretty-black-woman

Your hair is your own, it is your crown

Wear it proudly

Be you loudly.

Your clothes are an extension of you.

They don’t have to compare to someone else’s boo.

You are who you are, as well you should.

Smile sister, I knew you could.

Your reflection is the real you and that is good.

You are human and as such not perfect,

Your body is your body not a defect.UPTOWN_overweight_woman

Accept who you are and be amazed

You don’t have to conform

You are still norm

You are beauty personified,

That is Beauty,

That is you.

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