Free To Be….

images (22)Can you imagine your life without limits? A world where you hold control over everything you can possibly hope for without struggle? Can you imagine if you were truly free to be You?  We all have those moments where we fail to live  up to our true potential. We may simply become complacent with the way our lives have become…. We may choose to not reach for the stars… We may even be blinded by the pursuit of our dreams that we fail to see we are only a few feet away from us. Either way sometimes the main thing holding us back from certain success is the person staring back at us in the mirror. We hold ourselves back. Whether that hold in unconscious or not is really not the issue. Instead it is the acknowledgement that we are holding back something.push-forward-hold-back-copy

We may choose to stand on sure ground instead of stepping out on that limb because we fear failure. We may try to find excuses why we can not do the things that we desire. For instance if you have a desire to be a doctor but you are afraid that you can’t be the neurosurgeon that you dreamed of. Instead you train your thoughts to think of the cost and your age perhaps and eventually the thought of going to school is erased from your mind. Besides dreams we also hold ourselves back from being individuals. images (25)This delusion is also a result of not recognizing the true YOU. You can do all things you set your mind to. The only thing you need is the determination and confidence to see yourself through it. You can stand out because you were never meant to be like everyone else anyway. That was not how nature and God created you.

When you think of your own personal Validated Identity, your mind should be open and limitless. You know you are more than worthy of the dream. You know that you deserve it. So why not put in motion the steps needed to obtain it. You know you do not need or desire to blend into the environment so why bother?download (6)Shine through the mundane that is life. Step out and simply BE! Your identity is tied to your dream. Your entire life is spent in the pursuit of something. If you are truly walking your truth and living your life as you should then you will notice that things around you from a different perspective. You will see light where there is dark. You will begin to understand that life is just as infinite as it is definite. So why stop at the middle of the staircase instead of shooting for the top?

images (23)When you are discussing your identity, understand that there is no judgement. You are you and that is that. So be truly you. Dance in the rain…. Sing in the shower….Be YOU! Find out what it is that makes your heart jump for joy and do it. There is a saying that you only live once. That is not true you live every day. You can only die once. Your future is yet to be written by you. Do you really want to waste your time trying to fit into a mold that was not meant for you? Be the hero in your story. You are greater than you can ever know. Its time you showed that to the world. download (7)

2 thoughts on “Free To Be….

  1. […] off society. Turn off parents and friends. Turn off those that seek to tear us down. Turn on your own acceptance. So what if you have black hair, blond hair or blue skin.You were born that way. There is nothing […]


  2. […] have to be a toy for an unavailable man who will never be yours. You can CHOOSE to be free. The KEY to your life has ALWAYS been in your own hands. YOU control YOU! Now control how you project the real you to the world and teach your daughters. […]


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