“Keep Knocking”

The following is a poem by a good friend of mine. A strong woman by the name of Tracy Smalls. She is someone that  is so exuberant and walks her truth on a daily basis. I loved reading her book and the message that she tried to convey to anyone who would listen. Her poetry is her story and her life. I hope you enjoy it and if you are interested she also has a book entitiled “You’re Not Alone” a collection of poems. Her website is http://www.TracyNSmalls.com

KEEP KNOCKING…   By Tracy Smallsimages (7)

I don’t know where to start, but

I do know I want to change.

I’ve been living this life for

All so long, Mamma, yeah!

She was there for me, but it came to a

Point in my life when I had to

Fly and find out what life is really about.

I had some ups and downs.

At age 12, I had to do only what I knew to do.

As a child, Mamma put me out.

Yeah I would not live up to her rules and

So she did what she did and I went astray.

Daddy, who’s that? And what

Does that mean to a young black man who

Only knew the streets and what they had to offer?

Daddy, yeah! I got one,

Because along with my Mamma and God’s

Supernatural power,

I was born, a young black man who

Was left out in the cold to defend himself.

Daddy, who’s that? Someone I never knew.

I really don’t even know his whole name.

Not once have I even laid eyes on this man who is

Supposed to be my father. No one to teach me

What it means to be a young black man in this

World. No one to set the stage for me and show

Me how to be the head,

The man I really desire to be.

But I still try to maintain. Get money was all I knew.

As a young boy just trying to make it at the age of 12.

Disappointment, heartaches, pain is all

I have gotten these 14 years being in the game.

Even evidence to remind me of the struggling I have been going through.

But Dear God, you said to KNOCK.images (11)

I’ve been getting weary and frustrated.

Do you hear me Dear God?

I need you. I want a new me, a new being,

For I have been doing this for all too long.

I’m just a young black man trying to maintain and


So Dear Lord, while I continue to KNOCK,

Please answer my knock and release your

Power into my life so I may be all that you

Have called me to be, which is so much more

Than I am now.

I am a KING, I am a WARRIOR, so

Dear Lord, Hear my knock,

Help me to not give up. I need you in my life.

FAITH, I don’t know if I have it anymore.

Belief that things will change or get any better,

I often wonder, but I must continue toimages (8)




For surely you will open the door for me…..


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