I’m Human… Is that OK?

IMG_37270338500766Walking a mile in my shoes is not easy, just as walking in yours may not be a walk in the park for me. I am human. I make mistakes but you know the good part of that is ‘ I can make mistakes’.  I can be human . I can be normal just like you. Anyone that has ever  read my blogs or my book will see that I am really not superwoman. What I am is not perfect but it’s real to the way I view me.

I was curious about the people around me. The friends and family that I see daily. I wanted to know how they think. How do they feel? Are they human like myself? Are they selfish and single-minded or are they full of hope and love ? For the most part most the majority of the people I know are good people. downloadSome you might need to dig underneath two tons of crap but eventually if you are patient you might find something good there. Sometimes I am amused by the reactions I get when my humanity shines through. Its upsetting the way that people assume that I should be as tough as boot leather. Why? Is it because, when I write it appears like I have myself together? Or could it be easier to assume that I feel nothing? IMG_70079905547713What’s painful for me is when people who see my humanity and ignore the words or message I share because I am not perfect. Sure I’m not a doctor, teacher, or wizard but don’t ignore my words completely because I’m human enough to not hide it.

As I looked at this I started pulling myself from the situation and looking at things objectively. For a lot of people who are considered strong, we are type cast into this character whose role we don’t know the script for. Just as there are those that see us as strong there are also those that  see is and after comparing us to an image they already have in their minds, look down their noses in derision at us. As if their lives, themselves is so perfect that they are somehow super humans. They see humanity as weakness instead of natural.It’s natural to want to be loved and to have love. It’s natural to be sad. It’s natural to want to change and get frustrated when change is impossible. It is also natural to want to have someone there to share in your successes. It’s also natural to feel hurt when someone you care about doesn’t show you the same consideration.

I had a discussion with a friend about humans and nature. We talked about how the brutality of one human to another is unheard of in the animal kingdom. This led me to think that there has to be a conscious effort by man to be as callous and cold-hearted that we can be sometimes.IMG_69853426238630

I kept thinking of this and it drew me even further into the simplicity of most religions. As I thought of my humanity I realized that animals are the most spiritually pure of all creatures. They don’t have hatred, or indifference. Survival of the fittest in the animal kingdom is based on true species survival and not trying to outdo the other. I started thinking in the absence of hate there is love. Not an emotional love but a spiritual one. One that compels me to care about others.

In nature we are all animals. Now I began a different level in my journey. I began to truly see positive and not negative. I chose to portray that spiritual love of my animal brethren. I choose to love everyone. I may not like you. I may really dislike you as a person but I refuse hatred. I choose to love you in spite of you. Does that make me better than anyone? Of course not! It’s a personal travel that I Choose to adhere to. In your journey think of how you see yourself. Look at the reflections of yourself in the people around you. If you feel out-of-place maybe its time to reevaluate your life. If you despise a person to the point where they consume your thoughts its time to look long and hard at who is suffering because if their anger. Be human not perfect. You may be type cast but you can break the mold of your life one crack at a time.IMG_53088979339284

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