not-valentines-day-ecard-someecardsThis post is a humorous one for all of you singles on this day for lovers. Hopefully your day will be full of chocolate, fun and excitement as you watch dozens of friends and relatives trying to outdo the other in the expressions of love. gift-wonderful-valentines-day-ecard-someecards

Married Valentines should say : “Of course I love you dear, who else will put up with my gas in the middle of the night.” ” Here honey, I thought you might like this new waffle iron.” Thanks for not killing me in my sleep honeybunch.” ” No dear, I said those pants make you look fab not fat honest!”  “Dear husband today is the one day out of the year you get to have the most desired thing ever…. Here is the remote control….”


Funny-sayings-about-Valentines-dayFor singles we may feel like we are losing out but what we have is totally different. We get to be the third wheel at the table while our besties are sucking face and telling each other how much the other loves them more. While others are getting engaged, we get to sit back and imagine them ten years in the future with a house full of kids while we are on the beach drinking margaritas. single-on-valentines-day-funny-quotesSure that night when we are home alone we cry ourselves to sleep, but the thought of the 50% chocolate that is going to be coming soon we are able to have sweet diabetic dreams.

Valentine’s day is a day of love but shouldn’t that be everyday?…. No need to worry about whether or not you received two dozen roses after all OutKast said they smell like boo boo anyway. 🙂 You are just as special as that woman getting the diamonds. Just duct tape a rock to your finger and tell everyone its a four carat quartz from Tanzania. Valentines-Day-Funny-QuotesWhatever you do today be happy. It could be worse you could be the one stuck treating the patients that confused the exlax with the dark chocolate box of goodies.

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