Just STOP….

121295605Every day that you draw breath you have a chance to change the present. Sometimes the best way to see the path ahead of you is to simply stand still. Stand in that moment. Be perfectly at ease. Be quiet…. Be empty… Simply STOP…. Our minds can be our greatest asset as well as our greatest foe. It is wonderful when we use our intelligence as a strength and solve problems in our lives. It is terrible when that same mind gets clouded by regret, insecurities, anger, hatred, fear of the loss of control and the thoughts of all of those unworthy of our time, taking up residence. It is not an easy task to completely clear your mind. If you were to try right now in this moment, you might succeed but it will not be a lasting clearness.il_340x270.491355069_6a8u The bliss you felt in that moment of peace is fleeting because even though you felt it, you were still going. You did not STOP.  For years I kept barreling through life unable and unwilling to stop. I knew that there had to be a better way, but I could not see the way due to all of my own hang ups. Eventually I got tired of simply existing and decided to do something different. I STOPPED. To truly Stop means going beyond all emotion and changing your life. It is a constant process of living and walking your own personal truth while at the same time doing it without any of the negative influences that previously hindered you. It means to truly LIVE.

download (11)Cleanse your heart… STOP holding on to pain and misery that is not yours to carry.  The anger that you feel, or the hurt that you give credence to needs to be placed back at the feet of the person or persons that caused it. Hate is a strong emotion that is truly toxic to your inner presence. It seems wild to hear someone say ‘love your enemies‘ but it is a true point. Irony is knowing that the person you hate, or are angry at may have completely forgotten about the situation. They have more than likely, gone on with their lives regardless of your pain. They can do this because they are not carrying it around with them like a fifty pound weight. A friend of mine was recently upset with a person that had done him wrong, so much so that he was losing sleep and venting daily. The object of his wrath however,  was literally walking around like the world was full of possibilities and life. As I explained to him, his restless behavior, guilt and the anger he was feeling were valid, but the fact that he was allowing that negative energy to control him, was the thing that needed to be STOPPEDimages (28). He was angry about a situation that he could not change, handle or predict. Sure there was some accountability to be had, but the bulk of the matter was one in which he never had any control. Furthermore the person that caused the upset is the culprit. Seek a closure of the mind. Forgive what you must & forget what you can. Learn from the situation and let it go. The greatest revenge is to live happily.

images (26)Cleanse your mind… STOP thinking. Think of that deep meditative moment where your mind is completely void of all things and hold onto that for a moment. In the midst of your trial, when you can’t think of a solution… when the world seems to be crashing down around you, simply STOP…. BREATHE….REGROUP. Stand still in your silent mind and simply be…. Hold that emptiness until you start to feel your body relaxing and releasing. You are in control yet you aren’t. You are full, yet you are empty. You are at peace. Now in that peaceful calm, look at the problems through clearer eyes. You may not find an instant solution but you are no longer anxious that you won’t. One great disservice we all do to ourselves is the self-flagellation over shoulda, woulda, coulda moments. You know those incessant narratives we have in our minds about how we ‘Should have done this’; ‘So and so would have done it this way’  & ‘If only I could have done more’…. The past can’t be relieved yet we fret over it as if somehow it will change the outcome. Whatever happened  even if it is painful and lasting, it is still in the past. images (29)The greatest pain from trauma can really only be felt once, after that its is all a matter of how you react to it that will determine your future. As your body heals pain recedes. Using this logic if you are holding onto past feelings and thoughts then you are reopening your own wounds. Instead file the memory away in your memory scrapbook. It won’t be forgotten but it will have a chance to grow quiet.

images (31)Giving into negativity is like dying a slow death. In a world where we have no control over  a lot of things, this is one of the few that we have supremacy. We each have the power to choose how we react to things. We choose how we deal with situations… We choose how to handle the stress of a problem. We have control because we can choose to not be NEGATIVE. You can choose to let go of all the things that you know in your infinite wisdom that you can not control. You can not control the actions of others. So why worry about them. You cannot control the weather, so be as prepared as possible. You can not predict the future so stop worrying about it. Choose to live each day in the present. Prepare for what you can but with the open mindset that even the best laid plans may not always work. Things change. Learn to be flexible. Your world can be as big or as small as you can imagine it to be. Walking your truth, you should already have an idea of what and who you are. Listen to that inner voice that is telling you everything will work out. Heed those words and speak life into your heart. Your destiny is your own canvas. Take a moment to view the model that is self. STOP, BREATHE & REGROUP whenever needed until that canvas has become the masterpiece that is the true you.download (12) 

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