Fox Theater - Jan 2011In the wake of the winter storms that have hit the south, several of my family and friends were stranded in the cold for several hours before making it home. I was talking to a friend and listening to him  wax on and on about what he saw as the coming “End of Days” . This made me think long and hard. Watching the string of messages on Twitter and Facebook it appears he wasn’t alone in his thoughts. Normally I am not a religious person. I have a strong belief system but I am not in church every Sunday. As I was thinking I started pondering how something that seems far-fetched to some can be a starting point for change. Bear with me for a second while I explain. I understand the teachings of a lot of  religions, but lets use them in a more practical and worldly manner. If this really is the last days for humanity, why not live them as a human being? As children we are taught to “Do unto Others as you would have them do unto you”. Well how about saying  “Do unto Self as you do unto Others”? Since some of us have not begun to live our lives because we are so busy living for others. We have grown accustomed to treating them as royalty but forgetting about our own desires, wants and needs. Why not use this time to change the person in the mirror, kicking old habits and leading the life you were supposed to. images (4)

The truth is  tomorrow really is not promised to us so even if you don’t believe that the end is coming there is no guarantee that tomorrow will get here for you either. We may all go in our sleep tonight and whether we go to heaven or simply are rejoined to the earth,  let’s try to be a positive force for now. IMG_11567106353748You’re life at this moment in time is your own. When  you look in the mirror, no other reflection is staring back at you but you. You hold the power of CHOICE and CHANGE. Choose your journey wisely. Choose your life as you see fit to live it. Choose the people you associate with. Choose the battles you fight. Choose to be accountable for the things  good or bad that you have done or will do. Choose to let go of all that you can not control. Choose to be kind. Choose to live and love the life you lead. In other words make the choice to be happy. Take a chance at actually living instead of existing.

The more I thought about the idea of time dwindling down the more I really began looking at everything in a more open manner. I began to think of the phrase ‘Carpe Diem’ (SEIZE THE DAY). It shouted to me in my thoughts more and more. I began to think, why not take this moment to change all the things that you don’t like. For instance if you are in a bad relationship,  both parties do whatever you need to either fix it or let it go. If you are filled with insecurities about yourself , every day starting today start trying to build on those one at a time. Remind yourself that you are strong as iron. You can not break you can only bend and even that takes tremendous force. For those of us that are in negative situations like abusive homes, make today the day we break free. Even if you can’t escape physically for the moment, begin your plan. Begin to see the day where that abuse is no longer a part of your reality and push for it. Reach out for help if you need to. Call friends, family, shelters or even churches but make the CHOICE today to say enough is enough and act on it . Choose to not live in FEAR…images (2)

carpe-diem-e1336613057712Carpe Diem…. CHANGE how you see yourself. Change how you perceive the world around you. Change all of the negative energy within you to one that is positive and pure. Learn to meditate and release all of your frustrations and anger. Cry when you need to. Laugh when you want to. Smile because you can. Scream when you are overwhelmed. Feel whatever you need to feel. Change your life so that fear of the future holds no weight. It is natural to be afraid of the future but don’t allow an exaggerated perception of reality keep you chained to a life not meant for you.

CARPE DIEM!…. SEIZE THE DAY!… Today might be your last so why not live it the way you are meant to. Open your minds and your hearts. On this day choose to no longer hate or be filled with anger. Choose to be positive. Choose to speak true life unto yourself. Choose to speak it to others. Seize this moment to be totally human. You will make mistakes and you will not be perfect but you will be walking your own truth… even if it is only for one day. If you are granted another day beyond this one then continue to walk your path. Your life and world are yours to govern. download (1)

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