Keep Moving For Your Future.

Martin-Luther-King-Jr-9365086-2-402Today is the day we recognize one of the most influential men in the country, Dr. Martin Luther King. He was a great man that accomplished great things. As I thought of him I couldn’t help but think of myself and asked the question who am I, and am I really free and living my dream? Dr. King had a dream for peace and equality but what about my dreams in my own life? What about yours? DO you have a dream? When you were a kid, what was the one thing that you wanted to do above all things? What did you desire to be? Did you accomplish any of the things that you set out to do? My dream from as early as I can remember was to write. I wanted to be the next great author. I wanted to influence the world. I wanted to be remembered long after I was gone from the earth like some of the greats. I wanted to mean something to the world. As I realized my dream of completing my first novel I was amazed at the freedom that I felt. I realized my dream to write but what about the one of meaning something?images (31)

I made a discovery within myself that I hope that you can as well. I discovered that while my dream was to influence the world my greatest accomplishment was not in the words on paper but my belief in myself that I could do it. I set out to do a task and I did it. The lesson I learned was that dreams are attainable. It may take years but it can be done. It may seem to take forever but they can come true if we are willing to work at them and do whatever it takes to make that dream a reality.  Today is not just a day for honoring a man but it can also be a day where you dare to look at self. Dare to look at your dream…. Open that memory scrapbook and relook at what it is that you desire out of life and make the steps you need to get there. You hold so much power over you and your future. I can imagine Dr. King’s dream as if it were a reality because it is attainable. It can be done but we all have to first see that it can. Your dream is the same. Stop being a roadblock in your own future. 

mlkWhat I mean by that is so many of us have simply stopped. We have stood still in our lives, unwilling to step outside of our comfort zone. We look at things like our desire to be a doctor or lawyer in terms of reasons why we CAN’T do it instead of the ways and things we CAN do to realize it. Keep looking forward. If you want to be that doctor and your serious make the sacrifices to do it. Study hard. Take out a million student loans if you need to but get into medical school. Dreams take time. You may not get there within the timeline you set for yourself. I get that. Life happens. But that should not stop your dream only change the course of it. It might mean that you have to take a different approach. You might have to wait a few years to finish school. You might even have to adjust your dream to instead of becoming a neurosurgeon, you change to heart specialist. Either way your dream of being a doctor is still realized and maybe in time you can revisit medical school for the degree you want. If you want to be an artist, be creative. You may not make millions but the joy of being who you want should make you feel free and happy. Don’t be afraid to dream. Dream Big and Think Hard. Live your freedom.

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  1. Keep Moving For Your Future. | jeweledangel37’s Blog


  2. Keep Moving For Your Future. | jeweledangel37’s Blog


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