I’m Back Sharing a Smile…

images (1)This past week I have been out of circulation due to a family emergency. This week has truly taught me something about the compassion of strangers. I had a moment of helplessness that nearly crippled me with fear upon learning of my mothers stroke. I was beside myself with anguish and despair. This fear made me retreat in to humor. I couldn’t help but laugh when I look back at this week and my family. This trip has been a roller coaster of emotions but in a good way. My mom is better now and at home. Although she is still very weak and will need constant care for the moment it has been funny. I decided to share some of the hilarious moments for me. Sharing a smile…SaggingPantsOneGuy

  • Clothes: In my upset state I just grabbed anything I could find which included 2 pair of TOO BIG Jeans, 5 shirts, a bra that was not my size, a thousand pair of underwear, a dress and a pair of high heels shoes (Why?) One pair of jeans that I wore there, I had no idea how I kept them up on the ride down, because they kept falling off when I got to the hospital. Everyone would have assumed that I was in a hip hop band with the sag I was busting. It was quite embarrassing showing off my neon colored underwear. I finally had the brilliant idea of using the belt off of my coat to hold up my pants.
  • thMy hair  was a hot mess and of course had the absolutely brilliant idea to take down my braids. I stopped when I started looking like the Heat Miser. 
  • Kids say the darnedest things. My cousins came by with their kids and we were laughing and catching up when my little cousin took that moment to ask about my broken tooth. 🙂 I spent the rest of the night self-conscious of it and hiding my smile. His Aunt tried to ease my mind by telling me about the time he called her out for wearing a wig. images (2)
  • The ‘stubborn one’ (mom) allowed me to bathe her and take care of her but it was still very funny watching her expressions when I had to get personal. You would think this woman had not changed my diapers and hadn’t known me for the past 30+ years. She was blushing 🙂
  • Eye-rollThe day before we were set to go home, she suddenly got a ton of energy and started wanting to move around more. She nearly gave me a coronary the way she kept trying to move around and grab things like her water cup or juice. Every time the machines went off I would jump.( I think she got a kick out of seeing me nearly losing it). I was dead on my feet so that night I crashed only to wake up to her the next morning at it again.

Getting her home was the best part. The first thing she wanted to do after having a stroke of course was to go and get some FRIED Shrimp. (Really)  after we got inside the house (with her food) She insisted on moving around on her own and wanting to take a bath. Again this time I couldn’t help but smile at her face. Especially when she got too hot and my son had to bring her a glass of water. He saw her bare bottom and not only was he scarred for life but she was as well. I still smile thinking of the two of them. Anyway the ‘stubborn one’ has decided to stay home for a while but that means she wants me to stay with her. I am going home tomorrow but I will be back next week. images

2 thoughts on “I’m Back Sharing a Smile…

  1. hey love that toon too cute yeah it is much scarier lol


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