happyToday is the 3rd day into the new year. How are things going so far? It seems ridiculous to think that because a period began tumultuous or tranquil, that things will be stay that way for the duration. If your year has started off not so fabulously like mine don’t be discouraged it was just a rough few days not an omen for the year. If your year has begun wonderfully then try to keep that sunny outlook on the next few days. Its OK to hope for a better tomorrow just don’t forget about today. No matter what life throws at you simply duck, tuck or roll on if need be. Just keep moving forward. No one knows what the future holds but one thing is certain you will not find out standing still.

I always talk about having solutions and not resolutions. Your solution will stick with you. You decide how far you want to go. You decide what works for you. You decide to make the decisions in your life. Let 2014 be about taking charge of you. Remember your identity and revel in your validated identity. Silence the wagging tongue of your self doubting mind and learn to smile even at your own mishaps. After all no one can stop you but you.  download (38)

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