Are We Going Blind?…

6A young woman is falling to her knees in frustration because she needs help and has no one to turn to… Do you see her? Or are you blind like the rest of us? Its the holiday season and its the one time of the year that everyone seems to open their eyes to the pain of others. Or do we?… We seem to think that being kind to the homeless and destitute on Christmas for instance, will make up for the entire 364 days where we ignored that they existed. We look at the physical neediness of our fellow men and women but we don’t really care about the mental well being of them. After all they should be grateful that we offered a hand right? Do we really care about their struggle? Would we be as fazed by their plight on June 25 vs Dec 25? Imagine being trapped in a bubble of insecurity, sadness, and despair. 4No one noticing your pain because it does not show outwardly. True you may not be living in  a shelter but a mental prison is just as disheartening.  Use the same logic and questions and think about the person in the mirror.You may not be financially in trouble, but you could be emotionally in need. You want to shout but there is no one there to hear you. Especially among  all of the glitz of the celebrations and festivity. How can you be sad, if you have gotten everything on your list?That feeling is what tons of depressed men, women and teens feel daily. 

download (36)You have it all yet you are unseen. No one sees you standing there. No one notices you sitting quietly in the corner. No one cares. Everyone is Blind … But wait I see you. I hear you crying. I see you reaching out and I offer you my hand. Despite the beliefs of the masses, for a lot of us depression is not as bad during the holidays because we have family surrounding us. Or we have people pretending to care. Even studies have concluded that “Contrary to popular belief, depression and suicide rates do not rise around holidays. The media often inaccurately reports such a link, and also tends to blame suicides during the holiday season on depression or anxiety directly related to the holidays. However, studies have shown that people tend to be less likely to commit suicide during the holiday season, perhaps because of an increase in available emotional support.”

This means that something so simple as noticing a person is enough at times to help them get through the day. We may not solve all of their problems but for the moment let someone know, they are not alone. You see them. You hear them? You love them.ornemants Reach out to someone this week and next. Make it your own personal mission to seek out and try to notice someone. Instead of being blind  or wearing tinted glasses, look around you with a clear heart. Be positive. Look in the mirror and see the real you. Not the Christmas you, but the you from 365 throughout the year…. Be a light for yourself. Be a shining beacon of happy for your reflection. Shine so brightly that everyone around you can’t help but see you and know that you see them. Don’t just give from your pocket… Give from your heart. Your acceptance and love is the true reason for the season. Even if you are alone during the holidays it is still cause for celebration. You are amazing company. Maybe this day is good time to simply prop up your feet and pamper yourself.


Don’t get so caught up in seeing others that you forget you. You are just as valuable as your husband, wives, or children. Don’t neglect you trying to make this one day of the year so perfect for another. You are sublime. You are seen. You are the star in your own story. You are truly beautiful. I am proud to call you friend.


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