Why am I still Smiling…. It’s because of you!

vibevixen-happy-black-womanWhy am I still smiling? … Why am I laughing? Why am I happy? It is because of you! You make me smile!… You make me laugh!… You make me happy to know and call friend…. Everyone that I meet and talk to I consider my friend. This blog is growing by leaps and bounds and its because of you, the readers, that I smile. It is because of you that I am able to do what I love. It is because of you that I have a purpose.  I am human so daily it is a struggle for me to continue to be upbeat and happy just like you. I choose to smile instead of frown. To laugh instead of crying. Not different or better I am still fallible. Case in point I had a mini nuclear explosion yesterday due to circumstances beyond my control. A lost card and what I assumed was the ruin of the coming holiday.

Oh I ranted, raved and cried until finally I sat back and looked at my home which I had tore apart looking through drawers, purses and every single pair of pants I have ever owned, including the ones that have not fit or been worn since the Ice Age. I looked at the chaos and it hit me “Holy crap! I have to clean all this back up!”  only after looking through all of the clothes that would have to be refolded and the closet that needed to be reorganized did I realize that I had become a raving lunatic.med_funny-cat Even the neighborhood cat looked at me weird when I checked the car for the tenth or twelfth time. I was letting my anxiety over the coming holiday make me go bonkers.

Middle-Funny-WomenIt was through friends and people like YOU that I was able to look at myself and burst out laughing instead of crying. Here I was about to contemplate Hari Kari  over turkey! The thought of not having dressing had me reserving a room in the local loony bin…. I was ready to choke the stuffing out of the poor bank teller that could not for the life of me seem to understand that I wanted to do a money transfer. I could see the headlines now ” Woman kills bank teller over lost pies”.  The holidays makes us all lose it sometimes and I am no different than you.

A beautiful friend told me to “Become the holiday, joyful, thankful, full of love etc..” So that is what I plan to do. I am Thanksgiving because I am grateful each and everyday to continue to breath and live. I am thankful to be able to sit here and write and I am thankful for the chance to encourage as many people as I can. I am grateful for my friends and family. I am Thankful to you. Without you I would be writing for myself. You are my smile. You are my holiday… You make my soul and heart sing just because you are you. Happy You DAY.Women-Laughing

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