I’m not who you THINK I am…

sista sadWho do you think you are? … Who do you think I am ?…  Who do I think I am?…. Staring at a person’s outer appearance it is easy to assume that you know them. That you can tell whether or not they are good or bad. Devil or angel… Do not judge a book by its cover. Just because that brother is dressed in sneakers and a jersey , doesn’t mean that he can’t have a Master’s degree. And the woman that is dressed to the nines and claims to be the belle of the ball doesn’t mean she really is such. Either way physical appearances can be supremely misleading. Many of us are so caught up in what we Think about another person that we fail to see them for who they really are… Just because you think  I am beautiful /handsome doesn’t mean I am conceited. And it doesn’t make you any less beautiful /handsome than me. We are each remarkable. Not one of us is a clone of another human being so why do we insist on comparing ourselves to them? Why do we feel the need to promote dislike and hate simply to make OURSELVES feel less inadequate?

Some women will automatically look at another woman and  without ever speaking two words to her, will spit venom and malice. Why? Is it jealousy? Is that the reason why some of us hate on others or is there a deeper more personal reason? Could it be that we hate the other person because we see a small part of ourselves in them? Or do we see something in them that we wish to be?… I could say that I hate Jennifer Lopez but why do I hate her? I have never met her and we more than likely will never cross paths, so what would be my motivation for spreading rumors and lies? If I were to examine my reasons for disliking her, I can justify my dislike of her as an actress. thumb_COLOURBOX2288897I can not justify my dislike of her as a person. She might be a celebrity but the same logic applies to all people we meet in life. It can apply to you and me.  I can’t hate you if I don’t know you. I am not important enough nor do I have any position in life that makes me better than you. We are the same we just have different pathways. We have different journeys. I can not dislike you because your path took you down a road I wanted to travel. What is meant for me will happen to me if I choose to allow my eyes to see my own life and not compare it to yours.

A-League Player Portrait SessionMen have a different kind of dislike /hate for each other. Their feelings are largely based in competition combined with that Alpha male syndrome. Men unlike women do not simply dislike based upon the physical appearance. Some men hate/dislike based upon a perceived status of  a certain man. Some might not like a guy because he is popular with women. They may assume that he has to be greedy, full of bs or gay if he is surrounded at all times by women. They may not pay attention to what it took for that guy to get the way he is. No one is born with charm. That develops over time. Aside from the competition for women some men are constantly comparing each others wallets as if the content of them will determine their worth instead of their bank statement.  Every man is the same. They each have the same opportunities and chances in life only they each may have different steps that may lead them to different destinies not competitively designed around each other.

  • Who do you think you are? You are you. What that means is completely individual. It is your definition of you, not to bear comparison to mine.
  • Who do you think I am? Unless you have taken the time to get to know me, what you think of me is only an assumption of truth. I may surprise you with my difference from what you believe… If not? Oh well, I am still me. No better and no worse.
  • Who do I think I am? I don’t think I am anything. I know who I am. I know that I am an individual. I am a simple woman full of hope. I am wonderfully imperfect. I am strong and weak. I am human and I am ME.

I’m not who you think I am. I am so much more. You are not whom I assume you are? Let’s make a point of getting to know one another first before we decide to say “I don’t like you“. images30

One thought on “I’m not who you THINK I am…

  1. […] “You’re different than you used to be… There is something about you that I can’t put my finger on…. I’m confused …. just who are you?… Time and life’s journey change everyone. No one remains the same.  Believe it or not, we are not genetically designed for it either. Every few years the human body creates a new you. This new you is a  total replacement of the cells in your body. You feel different because you are different. This new you is like a rebirth for your entire being. What does that mean for the mental and spiritual you? […]


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