Diva in my mind, Vixen online, lonely, sad and hidden at home.

divaLadies, we know you are truly gorgeous because God doesn’t make junk. Everyone would like to consider themselves a ‘Diva’.  How much of your ‘Divatude’ is real and how much of it is an act? We can not all be NeNe Leaks or Keyshia Cole. We are not all meant to be desired by all men. Like me I am sure there are a lot of you that would like to simply be desired completely by one special man. Remembering that fact stop putting a discount on prime real estate. You are worth more than being a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter celebrity. Social media has truly changed the way that a lot of women look at themselves. We start to believe our own hyped up personalities and forget the real ones.  How many women have felt flattered by the attention that men bestow upon them on venues like Facebook or Twitter? Especially when we put up pictures of ourselves and start receiving what we think is positive feedback because of it? There is nothing wrong with that unless you make the pursuit of that attention your main goal.

  • The web is not a buffer for bad behavior. I understand that we are not face to face with the men and women that we see online but we are still portraying an image. Too many of us play a role online like it was a movie and when it is time to step into the real world we don’t know how to act. Thinking about the dating world now, most if not all couples are meeting online. That is upsetting considering that many people now are afraid to approach each other in person. Its weird the way we can carry on a four hour conversation online or via texts and phone calls but sit like adolescent virgins in person. When men look at the role that is portrayed online some automatically assume that the woman shown is the real you. Some don’t care. If in person he starts treating you like you are a piece of meat, there can be several causes. One might be that he really is a jerk and the other might lie in the way that You portrayed yourself to him.cassie-by-jared-ryder-for-vibe-vixen-1
  • Women are forever saying that men treat us like we are cheap and dirty, but we are the ones in control of the images that we put out. We are the ones that control what men see and we control how he will treat us. A woman that enjoys being sexy and is an exhibitionist is totally different than you or I. She might enjoy showing a little more leg or breast. That doesn’t make her cheap only self aware. She knows the attention she is getting and welcomes it with her eyes open. That is her deal it may not be yours. Stop trying to outdo her by doing the same as her. A man will respond to standards placed in front of him. Some are lazy. They will seek the path of least resistance and  it will be you that determines that path. A wise man said to me once that some men  “Never had ‘Tenderloin’ and will always think Hamburger is Great…..” Stop being hamburger. Know yourself and know what it means to be the lady that you are. Be the right sexy for you not what you assume you have to compete against.

download (18)A diva is defined as a bitchy woman that must have her way exactly, or no way at all, often rude and belittles people, believes that everyone is beneath her and thinks that she is so much more loved than what she really is, selfish, spoiled, and overly dramatic. So why is this the way so many of us want to be labeled? Calling yourself a Diva or Bad B**ch doesn’t make you appealing. Especially if you are doing it in a negative way. A Diva that is simply confident as a woman and not abusive is fine. She is not whom I am talking about in this post. It is ridiculous to assume that trying to be more than what you are truthfully is the way to go. Simply be you. There really is NOTHING better than the REAL YOU. If you are not a porn star. Stop acting like one. (Even they are different women off camera) The diva in your mind needs to quiet down and allow the strong woman you are step out of the shadows. The vixen online has her place but it may not be your place. Be the right sexy for you.  Turn off the computer and step outside. Stop hiding yourself from the world. Take a chance let men and women see the you that you are offline. I guarantee that person will be better received than the diva/ vixen personal you pretend to be.strong-women-2

5 thoughts on “Diva in my mind, Vixen online, lonely, sad and hidden at home.

  1. I love this post. Just had a similar conversation with a friend about this very thing the other day. But she didn’t understand my point.


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  5. […] I look at myself and at the pictures I take. The way I choose to dress… I look at the people I associate myself with. Why do I do it? Why do I dress the way that I do? Why am I so concerned about my appearance? Why do I care what men think of me? I know a lot of people will look at this article and assume I am going to start bashing women. I am not going to do that. Instead I am simply asking you to look at who you are and who you want to be.  The question above  “Are you the path of least resistance?” is meant to make you think. When I talked to my friend and a few dozen other men I asked the question, “Do men already have a set idea about the woman they want to be with?” The majority of them admitted that they do. Not surprising however, the woman they want is NOT the one twerking in the video. She is the toy for most.  […]


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