Stop Being a Prisoner of YOU!…

IMG_23957745758020Open the doors! It’s time to stop being a prisoner of YOU. I read a statement that said “If you can’t do anything about it, then let it go. Don’t be a prisoner to what you can not change” (Tony Gaskins) This statement is even more powerful when we look at it in terms of things in our everyday lives… Health and medical diagnosis aside there is really not a lot that you can not change. The only thing is the willingness and weapons you might have at your disposal at the time. I am not happy with my appearance, can I change it? Yes I can. But what if the doctor said I am morbidly obese and  I will never be thin?…  So what, you will never fit into a size 6. Change your attitude. Your weight is only your physical not your mental. Lose what you can and keep changing the way your inner you looks at you.

My job is sucking the life out of me, can I leave? Is there an armed guard keeping you chained to your desk? Yes you can change your job. It may be time to go back to school. To revamp that resume and start looking for that career you desire and not just the job that pays the bills. Too many of us are so afraid to dream big that we settle for small. This means that instead of stepping out on faith we stand still in a place that was only meant to be a stepping stone in our journey.The next time you are complaining about your job, think long and hard about why you are working there in the first place. If there is something else you really want to do start making that move towards doing it. IMG_117215445896787

Relationships are NOT one of those unchangeable things. Most people look at relationships as the scariest thing of all to try to change. After all no one wants to be alone. It’s for that reason why so many women and men will hold onto that one toxic person, ‘that is NOT meant to be in their future’,as if they were gold. If you are in a one sided relationship that makes you unhappy then guess what? You are already alone. If you can’t stand the thought of being with that person in the mirror solely, then you are already lost. You can NOT change another person. That is one fact that we each need to have tattooed in our hearts and minds. Yes my relationship can change but that person may not choose to. Therefore change you. Take stock of self. Sometimes the problem isn’t the other person but the person in the mirror. That’s the biggest and hardest struggle you will have to face. The next step is after identifying the problem understanding that the solution might not be what you want to hear but its what you need to. Not all relationships are meant to be.

IMG_117320834538143Every time we despair over our own self imposed prison sentence we forget that we had the keys to the door the whole time. Change is simple but it is not easy. The greatest thing to have and change often is our perspective. Nothing is as hopeless as we seem to think. We are not all going to simply crash into the ocean because life has thrown us a few curves. I have a saying “when life gives you lemons, make chocolate cake”. I know its improbable to make cake from lemons, especially chocolate cake. But it may not necessarily be impossible. After all no one ever said that life did not provide me any of the other needed ingredients. Its all in how I look at it. If I choose to focus only on the lemons I won’t see anything else. Stop being a prisoner of a closed mind. Open your thoughts and your heart and look at the total picture. You can change you by changing how YOU look at YOU. You can change your life by changing the way you look at life. Enjoy the things that you can change because they are many.

4 thoughts on “Stop Being a Prisoner of YOU!…

  1. It is for the reasons you’ve stated above that I’m glad I was able to move away from our hometown. I’d grown to be a little bit more open minded than customary. There were things I thought was okay but dare not say out in the open. It’s easy to inherit a frame of mind and harder to have those around you accept that you simply changed your mind. When we change how our minds work we can expand the options of our outcome.


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