I’m not that strong but I’m dressed to be…

IMG_117275935276668Looking at me some would assume that I have everything together. Not that I am financially well off but that I am strong. And to be honest they are right. I am strong…To a point…. I am also weak just as you . I feel, just as you do. I love and have heartache just as you do. The thing is I am human. As such I am infallible. I make mistakes and I am not always coordinated but I am still valuable. I am simply perfectly imperfect. For most of the perceived strong people, we are seen by those around us as being able to take on the world with a smile and the determination of legend. Only part of that is true. In my case I do have the determination of legend but I still have the weaknesses and heart of a simple human woman.

The strength of a person  varies from person to person. Each individual  is strong in their own way. The same could be said for  weaknesses. Everyone has them. That is normal and it doesn’t mean there is a problem. To accept the weakness of my heart , body and mind means to accept ME totally. The trick is to not wear my weakness as my coat. To not flaunt it as if it is the reason why my life is the way it is. Everything that we do in life is a part of our psychological wardrobe. My strength is my coat; my weaknesses are my shoes; my heart is my shirt; my determination is my pants and my personality are the accessories for my outfit.  Without any of these components I would be incomplete. IMG_117320834538143

  • My strength is my coat. No matter the weather , the thought of strong arms holding you and protecting you from harm are appealing to anyone. Since you can’t hold yourself, wearing your own strength as an outer layer protecting your heart, mind and mental well-being is a good metaphor. My coat may have a few holes in it or it may be worn thin in a few places but it is still offering some protection. I simply have to repair or patch the bad areas. This I do daily by validating my identity and building my foundation of self brick by brick.
  • My heart is my shirt. Most of us walk around with our heart exposed and that fools us into thinking that we are not as strong as we think. In truth we are just wearing our clothing in the wrong order. Cover your heart but let it peek through your strength.
  • My determination is my pants. Think of what it would be like to walk bare-legged through a brier patch to get to success. How would you do it? What would give you the courage to wade on without worry of getting hurt? Lets say you were adamant to reach your goal. The determination you feel are your steel pants. They give you the confidence to know that you can make it through no matter what.
  • My Weaknesses are my shoes. They propel me forward and keep me grounded in reality. Sometimes I might trip and fall over my shoes but If I chose at anytime I can walk around barefoot. My weaknesses are a part of me but they are not necessary to my attire. I can also switch out my shoes anytime I chose. Meaning the areas that I am weak in today may change tomorrow.
  • Lastly my personality are my accessories. No outfit is complete without accessory. For each person they are different. They are uniquely you. Your personality is your way of showing the individuality of your psychological wardrobe.

images6I may not be superwoman but I am super ME! I may not be able to bend steel beams or stop a locomotive but I can change hearts. I can take on whatever trial I have before me because I am perfectly attired to do so. I am confident in my ability to make it through and that makes me strong. Maybe not as strong as you think but strong as I need to be. 

6 thoughts on “I’m not that strong but I’m dressed to be…

  1. I’d like to think of my shoes are never my weakness but my personality peaking through. Being that person who often equates having my heart on my sleeve to weakness (this is what we’re taught after all….I can recall seeing my mom cry once MAYBE twice in my life) I’d like to think of my belt as my weakness; if I’m in control of my wardrobe you may not see it although it’s there, keeping me humble.

    People seldom ask a person they perceive to be “strong” how they are because they think we can handle everything. Some of us are strong because we’ve had no other choice. Some people are ‘weak” because they never had the chance to be strong therefore they lack the faith in themselves to persevere. If I were to be totally honest (smirk) I have a bit of an issue with people (women) who choose weakness. You know those friends who have to be talked off of a ledge or they decide that they can’t do something because something holds them back. Yep, we all have weaknesses and probably one of my toughest battles has been to keep my wardrobe from becoming a suit of armor and to not let my ‘crazy” work against me but to embrace it and wear it as a big bouffant hat.


    • I love it that you can accept your weaknesses and wear them as a belt instead of armor. Not a lot of people can control the size of their weaknesses and assume that they are bigger than life. The metaphor for the shoes is a way of acknowledging that larger than life image and replacing it with one that you can actually stand on and also remove or change if needed. Belt, shoes or fedora is your individual choice. 🙂 You are so right Jac in your statement that “People seldom ask a person they perceive to be “strong” how they are because they think we can handle everything.” Society see a strong outer image as impenetrable and that is hardly the case. We all have moments where we want to let down our guard and just be human. We all need to decompress. Sometimes I need a shoulder instead of simply being the shoulder.


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